Sooner Cup History Page:

The Sooner Cup was started by NEOTT back in 1986 but starting in 2006 was hosted by our friends in the Texhoma Trials Club (now defunct) and since 2016 by TACO. 

The new trophy shown here was updated in 2017 to allow room for growth.

Keep practicing and maybe someday your name will be immortalized on the cup.

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Interesting Sooner Cup Stats:

  • Most Class Wins: 8 - Matt Moore
  • Longest Time Span Between Wins: 27 Years - Expert Rick Land (1986 - 2013)
  • Longest Winning Streak:  5 - Paul Bolens, Senior Expert 1997 - 2001
  • Biggest Rivalry:  Sr Ama Class - Stan Machart (6 wins) - Dean Metsker (4 wins)
  • Clean Sweep: 1999, every class won by Oklahoma Riders.
  • In the blood: 2012 Rick, Dustin, and Dalton Land all get their names on the cup.
  • Oldest Class Winner: 2016 Gary Wing Sr. Ama - 80 years old

  Original Trophy, pre 2017